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13 Sep 2010

Let's talk about job satisfaction

It is not essential to say we all work. We must do some kind of work to alive and to give continuation to our short life. We see labor, officer, police, and army, carpenter, plumber, architecture etc. these all are worker and according to their work they can satisfy or may not.  It is because everyone can't get the work accordance to their qualification, work experience, attitude, views, abilities so that, if someone forced to work what s/he don’t agree. From here s/he starts to show her/his satisfaction.

We have seen that someone satisfy with work and someone can't because they are not agree with.  You know job satisfaction is part of life. The nature of one's environment of job is an important part of life as satisfaction influences one's general life satisfaction.  

To a worker, Supervision is equally a strong contributor to the job satisfaction
as well as to the job dissatisfaction. The feelings of workers towards his
supervisors are usually similar to his feeling towards the company. The role of
supervisor is a focal point for attitude formation. Bad supervision results in
absenteeism and labor turnover. Good supervision results in higher production and
good industrial relations.

Various studies had traced this factor as a factor of intermediate importance.
One’s associates with others had frequently been motivated as a factor in job
satisfaction. Certainly, this seems reasonable because people like to be near
their friends. The workers derive satisfaction when the co-workers are helpful,
friendly and co-operative.

Studies also show that most of the workers felt satisfied when they are paid more
adequately to the work performed by them. The relative important of pay would
probably changing factor in job satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Age has also been found to have a direct relationship to level job of satisfaction
of employees. In some groups job satisfaction is higher with increasing age, in
other groups job satisfaction is lower and in other there is no difference at all.

Marital status has an important role in deciding the job satisfaction. Most of the
studies have revealed that the married person finds dissatisfaction in his job
than his unmarried counterpart. The reasons stated to be are that wages were
insufficient due to increased cost of living, educations to children etc.

Studies conducted among various workers revealed that most of workers who had not
completed their school education showed higher satisfaction level. However,
educated workers felt less satisfied in their job.

The result of various studies shows that working condition is an important factor.
Good working atmosphere and pleasant surroundings help increasing the production
of industry. Working conditions are more important to women workers than men

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